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e-volution tech operates in Greece and Italy offering high level services in Consulting, Outsourcing, System Integration, System Support and Software Development.


Established in 2003, e-volution tech starts operating in Greece in the fields of IT, providing consultancy services to Accenture S.A. in Tellas IT  and OTE projects and to Atos Origin Hellas S.A. in WIND IT projects.

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e-volution tech takes advantage of 25 years of experience of the group in the provision in Greece, Italy and abroad of the high quality consultancy services in support of the communication, digital convergence and broadcast media, finance and legal industries.

We have serviced more than100 clients in over Europe enabling us to draw upon a sophisticated network of leading individuals within these industries from a variety of backgrounds.

We have developed a unique and unparalleled network of critical individuals, senior executives and subject matter experts in order to execute complex technical and managerial assignments in the following industry sectors:


Banking and Finance

Digital Convergence & Broadcast Media


Legal and Compliance

Enterprise Solutions and SAP


The group is leader within the Communications industry supplying solutions across operators, vendors, integrators and consultancies.

Our services have been retained by fixed, wireless, voice, data and content carriers, MVNOs, telecoms VCs, satellite operators and ISPs.


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In a race for competitive business advantage, accelerating the delivering of your information systems is a determining factor. That is why I.S. organizations are under extreme pressure to build systems faster, ensure quality and minimize risk. In our days, software is the key to a company’s success, or the likely reason for its failure. As a result, businesses require teams to produce more in less time, to make fewer mistakes and to do it right with the first time. Using always the new technologies that arise, we guarantee the success and competitiveness of your business and minimizing your maintenance costs.


With our over 15 years of experience in the live sector and in hard and stressing conditions we are able to help your business make the next steps to its success.

Combining with our strict and long years tested project standards, we assure error free systems, in time deliveries and protection of your investment.


Development of Ad hock applications according to the customer’s needs

Integration of existing products in the customer environment

Web site development & hosting

Development of e-commerce systems


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It is a common practice for companies and organizations to cover their needs, activities and processes with different products from different vendors.


Because these processes are their most valuable assets, those different vendors need to be co – coordinated and these products need to be integrated in order to obtain the maximum result.


Our philosophy is to provide with full integration through the organizations' IS, thus minimizing effort, time and cost and providing full functionality. Our Main Roles:


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